"...taking that next step can be overwhelming. That's why J+H is here to help..."

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I run a small business just like you do.  I understand your hopes, dreams, and the things that keep you up at night.  With help, web design can be one less thing for you to lose sleep over.   I can help you take a big step towards the future.

Offered Services

J+H Design is the small business's solution to graphic design; offering a range of  service options and  web design.

I can' build you a one of a kind web site from the ground up.  Whether you need a simple portfolio page or a fully integrated e-commerce site--I'm here to help.  Not ready for a website but would like help with your social media advertising I can help there too!

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But wait, can you help me...?

Check out the FAQ's page to get some of your basic questions answered.

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So who are you?

Just like you J+H Design is small but with a really great backstory.  Feel free to read it here.

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Everyone likes to show off a little...

See some examples of graphic designs! Included are ad images, versatile graphic design images, and more.


Not convinced? Read the top 10 reasons J+H Design is phenomanal.

You're a tough nut to crack; you want a little more convincing. But challenges are fun! Read the top 10 reasons that J+H Design is a great solution for you.


"If you build it they will come."

— Field of Dreams

This phrase doesn't just apply to corn fields turned baseball diamonds. It's also true of a business's online presence. Without breaking a sweat; you can connect with more people 24/7.