A small business owner has a lot on their plate; whether its juggling inventory, employees, or just about everything else. Building an online presence can seem like one more thing to add to your stress level and work load. But it doesn't need to. J+H Design wants to take that off your shoulders and do it for you.

  In today's world a website and social media can drastically improve some of the ways you do business.  It's time to fulfill your amazing potential! I can assist you in sharing your products and services with the world!

“I’m from a small town where small businesses are essential to keeping our community going. Which is just another reason I’m here to keep small businesses going.”
— Jewel Hull, J+H Design


A message from the founder of J+H Design:

I started this business when I found myself  in one of those moments life gives you and you aren't quite sure what to do with. I'm sure you've all been there; it's this moment when you're right on the cusp of something that could be potentially great and life changing. I had just moved, left an eight year career (in a field I enjoyed but wasn't fulfilled by), and was ready to jump into the next adventure life threw my way. I've always loved to build/create and I've always loved technology. In fact, growing up my mom was actually a web designer; I remember her teaching me the basics of coding and creating silly little sites for myself. When a group of friends started their own passion project they asked if I could help with the web/graphic design they needed for their brand, I was more than happy to help! That's how J+H Design was brought about really. My small business was the by-product of another small business. In it however, I've blossomed and found an entirely new medium to not only express myself but also to help others in my community.


Jewel Hull, founder


Creative, confident, and quirky are words that have always been used to describe me. When you add those to my commitment and strong work ethic you get a winning formula.  

I grew up surrounded by a unique blend of  individuals--a professional artist grandmother, a web designer single mom, and a rancher grandfather--that gave me an uncommon outlook on the world.

The people around me taught me to love nature and technology; how to see the beauty in art and see art in the world around me. They taught me that tradition can co-exist with the future.