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I'm a small local business, why do I need a website?

This, right here, what ever reason led you to the internet and onto this site, is why you need a website! I understand that nothing beats face to face interactions but the world is ever changing and growing. To stay relevant your business needs to do the same.  A website allows you to reconnect with past clients looking you up, current clients that are looking to get more out of  their relationship with you, and new clients that haven't found you yet. Local shoppers are important but local is always a flexible term. With a website you can expand your reach let people from across the county, across the state, or across the nation get to know you and value you.


HOw do I choose the package that's right for me?

It's really up to you but I'm always available to help answer that question! We can discuss what the different plans have to offer to find the right fit for you! 

Is it safe for me and my customers to buy/sell online?

Using the internet can be very safe when used correctly.  The web hosting service that J+H Design uses has extremely high safety standards both for hosted website content but also buyer/seller information. Any information submitted by you or your clients will never be sold to third parties for financial gain or illegal purposes.  Having said, that please use common sense when giving out information online or when posting things!


How do I know I'm ready for a website?

That's a fantastic question. It's also one I would love to answer! Free consultations* are offered so we can discuss just what it is that fits you and your business. Whether that's a web design package, á la carte options, or none of the above we'll figure it out!


Aren't Websites Expensive?

Unfortunately, web sites aren't free. But J+H Designs does offer flexible cost effective solutions to help get your business online.  Check out pricing!


I'm a business that would like to have the option to sell things/services online. Can you help me?

Absolutely can do! Three of the web design packages offered have E-commerce capabilities. Just how much you're able to sell online depends on the package you choose and of course what it is exactly that you're selling! 


DO you offer anything besides web design?

Look at you asking another awesome question! Yes, in fact there's a variety of online services offered. Check them out here!