Web Design Portfolio

You don't do cookie cutter,  you love to explore the realms of creative possibility! I design websites centered around your wants and needs! Sounds like we're a great match. Whether its brand colors, page layouts, or image galleries J+H Design can make a little something for anyone!


Lazy H Crown Cattle*-

Lazy H Crown Cattle is a small family run farm/ranch in southeast Wyoming. They asked for help designing a site that would allow them to engage with clients looking to buy quality beef cattle for show purposes.  

Their site involves multiple image galleries and a beautiful index home page with stunning pictures and parallax scrolling.  See the site >>

*Please note that J+H was a sub-contractor for Lazy H Crown Cattle. The majority of this site's content but not the entirety of it was designed by J+H. J+H does not provide site maintenance for Lazy H Crown Cattle.

Barbed Wire Books*-

Barbed Wire Books is Longmont, Colorado’s largest locally owned bookstore. BWB wanted to showcase what the brick and mortar location had to offer.

This means overviews of the products they offer for sale but also an events calendar for their community events. Always on the look-out for new team members, this site includes a form to apply for open positions with the store! While they decided the best way for them to manage online shopping we created a “coming soon” landing page to keep customers informed of upcoming services! See the site>>

*BWB opted to maintain their site on their own. As such, J+H Design is available to them for consultation and troubleshooting. However, any changes to the original website are not necessarily the work of J+H Design.



Heroes & Heartbreakers Products*-

This company was founded by a group of strong minded and sassy young women. They're a company that sells the most personal of "personal care products". Heroes & Heartbreakers Products is a company founded on the ideals of : self acceptance, civil rights, and social realism. 

They wanted mid-level e-commerce capabilities as well as a platform to publish blogs and connect with followers on social media. They routinely use landing pages to steer customers towards ongoing sales! See the site >>

*Please note that this site contains strong political opinions, adult language, and some sexuality potentially inappropriate for younger viewers *

J + H Design-

Of course the J+H Design website had to be listed in this portfolio! I'm sure you've clicked some things here or there to get to this point of the site but feel free to look around some more!

This site utilizes white space to emphasize text sections. While light on imagery, what images there are, are made to really count with great quality and unique captions. Please also note the unified use of "pops of color" throughout to create a modern and minimalist aesthetic. Keep browsing this website >>


**Please note that all products/actions/opinions on any client sites are not necessarily reflective of J + H Design's policies and beliefs. **


Check out some images from "Demo" sites*, created just to get a feel for what some possiblities are!


You can either scroll through some images taken from demo sites or you can find a walk-through video to see some of the functinality that can be provided.


Demo Contractor/Handyman Website

A more extensive page with plenty of descriptions detailing services and a wonderful review page to show potential new customers what previous customers thought!

Demo Photographer Portfolio

Simple, sleek, and very picture worth a thousand words. This is a great example of simple portfolio style page. Note the large thumbnail links and simple navigation.

*These images are from non-functioning sites without domains. They are used only to show portfolio examples of J+H Design's capabilities.